WORX WG505 Vs WG509 Blower TRIVAC / Mulcher / Vacuum

If you are one of those who love to have a clean and leaf-free patio, you have to know the new WORX WG505 and WG509 Blower trivial equipment they are excellent equipment with triple function. They are tools that will help keep the patio with a neat view, especially when autumn comes.

WORX WG505 Vs WG509 Leaf Blower

In the market, there are gas leaf blowers, but they cause a lot of noise and are polluting; with WORX WG505 and WG509 equipment, you will save time cleaning the passage, being less noisy. Picking up all the dirty products of garden maintenance can be very annoying, raking, and picking up the leaves.

The new WORX tools are blowers, crushers, and vacuum cleaners, which are the new privacy model and comes in 2 versions. The WORX WG505 and WORX WG509 models are very similar to each other, so a description of both will be given below so you can decide which one suits you best.

WORX WG505 Vs WG509 Reviews

If you are making use of mulch the WG509 blower is the one to get. The smaller bits that it produces degrade even faster in compost piles and on the lawn. The offset is that it’s almost a pound heavier than the WG505 blower. That could make a difference if you have a lot of yards to clear.

WORX WG505 Leaf Blower & Mulcher

The feature of the work Wg05 are the following:


The WORX WG505 has a motor with 12amp force and is electric. Therefore the environment is not contaminated with the uncomfortable smoke and unpleasant smell of fuel. It has a weight equivalent to a gallon of paint but properly designed to handle it with only one hand.

The 505 model has an adjustable speed between 75 and 120mph; In other words, you can carefully blow the leaves around the most delicate plants, but you can also boost the wet leaves that are usually heavier. It has a silent motor. Therefore it will not pollute the environment, it generates an approximate noise of 70dB so while cleaning your patio, you can listen to music or talk to someone without any problem.

The shredder works automatically when you are vacuuming; that is, when you place the vacuum option, the shredder starts working, together with a vacuum cleaner can absorb up to 350 ft3 / min, crush it, and everything goes to the bag. The capacity is 16 to 1, which is to say, that the amount of leaves or garden dirt fits 16 times in the collection bag.

It also has an easy and convenient system for cleaning and storage of the equipment. Even if you are using it and there is an element that obstructs the breaker, you. You can turn it off, remove the tube easily and voila! Clean it to continue. Or, if I’m done, you can keep it comfortably because it’s easy to take it apart.


  • It is a 3-in-1 blower, vacuum and shredder equipment
  • The ratio of shredder and storage capacity is 16 to 1
  • Weighs approximately 8.6 pounds
  • 12Amp motor.
  • Airspeed 75-120mhp


It is offered at an affordable price; it can fulfill the functions of blowing, vacuuming, and crushing to keep your patio clean and pleasant at a low price compared to other equipment on the market.


This amazing 3-in-1 machine: blower, crusher, and garden vacuum cleaner comes in a lightweight design with an angled vacuum tube that will avoid the hassle of crouching. It has a grip handle, and the bag to load the waste brings a strap, which gives you the convenience of hanging it on the shoulder to better support the weight and maneuvers the tool comfortably.

WORX WG509 Leaf Blower & Mulcher

The feature of the work Wg509 are the following:


The 509 model has an adjustable speed between 75 and 210mph; that is, you can carefully blow the leaves around the most delicate plants, but you can also move with force those wet leaves that stick together. It is much faster than the previous model.

The WORX WG509 is approximately 1 pound heavier than the WG505 model. It has a motor with 12amp force and is electric. Therefore it does not require fuel; it protects the environment without contaminating it by the uncomfortable smoke and unpleasant smell.

This version is a crushing machine that, just like the other model, works automatically when it is aspirating, that is, in which it places the option of aspirating the crusher begins to work, together vacuum cleaner can absorb up to 350 ft3 / min, crush it with the blade Plastic, but additionally has a metal blade that can end what happens there and everything goes to the bag. It has a switch on the handle that allows you to adjust the suction speed. The capacity of the bag is much larger; it can store 18 to 1, that is, 18 times the amount of garbage in 1 bag.

As for the cleaning system, it is also simple. Even if you are using it and there is an element that obstructs the breaker, turn it off with the switch. Easily open the tube, remove the obstruction, and finally close and continue. Or take it apart and keep it comfortably without taking up much space.


  • It is a 3-in-1 blower, vacuum and shredder equipment
  • The ratio of crusher and storage capacity is 18 to 1
  • Weighs approximately 9.6 pounds
  • 12Amp motor.
  • Airspeed 75-210mhp


This complete equipment is on the market at a higher price than the previous model, the WG505. However, it is a complete team that is definitely worth what they ask for.


This amazing 3-in-1 machine: blower, crusher, and garden vacuum cleaner comes in a slightly heavier design with an angled vacuum tube that will allow you to reach under bushes or furniture. It has a grip handle and the bag to load the debris, this bag also has a strap to help it load with the shoulder, however being slightly heavier than the WG505 is a bit more uncomfortable for maneuvering.


 We already talked about the characteristics and benefits of each of them; then, we will make a brief comparison so that you can better appreciate the characteristics of each one.

  • Both models are 3 in 1; blower, vacuum cleaner, and shredder
  • Both the WG505 and WG509 have a 12Amp motor
  • The WG505 shredder is 16 to 1; the WG509 is 18 to 1
  • Airspeed: WG505 75-120mhp and the WG509 75-210mhp
  • Weight: the WG505 is 8.6 pounds, while the WG509 is 9.6 pounds a bit heavier.

Despite the similarity between the two teams, some differences will make it more or less suitable for you. Everything will depend on the use you are going to give or what you require. If you have a small patio or garden with bushes that do not require greater skills, you can use the WG505 model; it is lighter and cheaper.

However, if you have a patio with trees, shrubs, and also a garden of delicate flowers, you should use a little stronger equipment, as the waste can be greater, in that case, the WG509 model can give you a better result, even if the cost is higher it has a double lid with a metal blade in the shredder, which guarantees that you can crush more robust parts.

Among the benefits of this equipment is that any of the two models can allow you to pass the blower mode to the vacuum cleaner only with a button, the switch that is close to the handle will make this possible. However, the WG509 model adds a precise dial to control the suction speed that the WG505 does not do with the same precision.

Both types of equipment are electric, and the two models have a resistant cable for the driving current, it is not recommended to use with a cable extension to more than 150 feet. The advantage is that it is less noisy, does not emit smoke or unpleasant odors of fuel. That also makes it lighter and has the option of blowing and vacuuming at the same time. However, the use of the cable can be a limitation to move in very wide or distant spaces.

Among the excellent results, they show the crushing effect. It is a function that is responsible for destroying the leaves in smaller pieces, and perhaps some trunk pieces. This favors you in 2 ways, one if you compost with leaf debris and plant debris from your yard, you will have faster results. And two will be able to clean the yard faster in the fall, or on the weekend. This allows you to have more time to start a new project or rest.

As for the speed options, the WG509 model is more precise with the speed selection, whether for a gentle shake between delicate flowering plants, or a stronger blow for wet leaves. Both WG505 and WG509 will help you; in both, you will be able to make the change with a speed control switch, but the second one is more accurate.

As for the comfort of the use of this equipment, the design allows a good grip of the tool and easy control of the knob for speed or the button to change the function. However, the WG505 model is lighter, the difference concerning the WG509 is very little, just a pound, however after a couple of hours loading it a pound can be significant.

In addition to this, the design of the waste bag can be heavy with the volume capacity they have. Even when they implemented the strap to load the bag, users have commented that it is uncomfortable or useless, which makes it difficult to handle and the ability to move with either of the two models WG509-WG 505.

Despite the pros and cons notified, all users have confirmed that they are satisfied with the main design functions because they manage to fulfill the objective of blowing the leaves and picking them up in less time, which makes the cleaning work of the gardening.

To conclude, the WG505 and WG509 blowers are triple functions, they will save you a lot of time in autumn, and every time you decide to clean the patio. They will make this look cleaner and neat. You can also take advantage of free time in other activities such as spending time with your family, starting a new project or resting.

The WG505 blower offers you as the main advantage that is lighter; you can perform cleaning with a little more comfort. It has easier handling with comfortable movement under bushes and porches, under furniture and any medium height object.

It is a silent team, which will allow you to enjoy good music, a pleasant natural environment with the singing of birds, or simply a good conversation with a companion.

You will be able to move the dry and light leaves, but you will also be able to move the heavy and wet leaves to blow them to a corner and then vacuum and crush them with the 16 to 1 power of the WG505 shredder. With this, you will get a more efficient cleaning. Throwing a smaller volume of waste, easier to collect or reuse.

However, if you want more effectiveness, the WG5059 offers a better crushing system, with the double lid that includes a metal blade to get smaller waste particles. With them, you will get a better compost result or simply less waste volume with an incredible crusher that flows into a bag with a capacity of 18 to 1.

The WG509 offers a larger volume bag, with a strap for a practical grip. However, it is not the most comfortable for travel. It also offers the advantage of bringing a slightly stronger nylon bag for this activity.

This super machine WG509 has the property of moving from a smooth speed of 75mhp to a strong burst of more than 200mhp that will move even the wettest leaves. And with the blower tube at an angled peak that will allow you to reach the most uncomfortable places without the need to bend down.

In summary, if it is a large yard with a lot of bush and you want to obtain the ideal raw material for compost, the WG509, a little heavier but much more powerful, will compensate it with the result for the time you load it. You will be satisfied and meet your expectations.


If you want a slightly simpler blower and vacuum cleaner to help you in the routine work of yard maintenance, the WG505, lighter comfortable and quiet, will allow you to do an efficient job.

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