Toro 51621 Leaf Blower Reviews 2021

Today, we are going to discuss Toro 51621 Leaf Blower Reviews and give you some interesting facts about this leaf blower. All the great inventions of humanity occurred in response to a need. From the most transcendental to those that could be considered “banal” or “domestic”, they have the exclusive function of solving or facilitating tasks for the human being. And within these great inventions, the Toro 51621 leaf blower must also be included.

As a garden artifact, Best gas leaf blowers back to the periods of drought experienced by the state of California in the 1950s. The imminent popularity lasted until the 1960s when these artifacts began to be marketed with the characteristics that were They know today and even more advanced, as technological advances allowed.

Toro 51621 Leaf Blower Reviews

About the guide, it is necessary to mention that in the days that run four different types of blowers are available: electric hand blowers, gas manuals, gas backpack, and self-propelled. In the case of the product to be reviewed, it belongs to the first category, encompassing features that customers need to know.

As a handheld blower, this blower works perfectly for gardens or patios of small and medium-size, since it is built for such purposes.

In presentations, cable, or battery, it is made of a scale enhancer that ranges from the lowest level to the most powerful. However, everyone is considered weaker compared to those that run on gas.

Despite the aspects that play against it, the Bull Company, a native of Minneapolis and open as a distributor for more than a century, specializes in high-end power tools, to which the model of this review belongs. You can also check Black and Decker BV6600 leaf blower for selection.

Features Of Toro 51621 Blower

This three-function Toro 51621 electric blower in one will also help your customers as a vacuum cleaner and a leaf shredder. But far from being completed with these qualities, there are others for which it also stands out.

Ergonomic design

As one of the aspects to which more attention is paid before buying a product, customers of this leaf blower are made with the advantage of a device not only designed with efficiency but also thinking about their needs.

In general, it works like a simple machine. The ergonomically tested design can work for long hours without affecting its quality or the integrity of the owner. Fatigue knows no space with this device whose weight does not exceed 2.5 kilograms, which represents a significant gap compared to other brands.

In addition to its lightweight, compact and practical design, it adds points in favor because it is handled with incredible ease and saves a lot of time more than profitable for its users. This occurs, among other things, thanks to its ergonomic handle that allows it to be held with one or both hands, as appropriate for each person.

Another quality related to the design focuses on the duality of its tubes both intended for specific functions. The first is used exclusively to move larger and heavier debris, with a wide and powerful nozzle. The thinnest tube focuses on the corners, corners, and all those specific places to which access is usually linked.

As an additional point, each of these tubes is removable and easily fixed, so that each trained family member can fit them and start them without specialized tools.


When the search for a good blower is undertaken, people need to get one that can reach at least the smallest and most specific areas of their yards or gardens. And as far as that is concerned, it is a tool that will cause a good impression and satisfaction.

In addition to the nozzles and tubes mentioned above, the apparatus can easily be converted from a leaf blower to vacuum mode, by simply pressing a quick-release latch.

To activate this function, people must use only one hand, so it does not impede during the hours of cleaning and care of the exteriors. Also, it stands out for the utility with which the leaves are collected after the airflow, finishing off with the vacuum cleaner function that absorbs the entire disaster with tremendous efficiency.

This can be achieved by this one as a result of the operation of a fan, responsible for controlling the flow rate, reducing obstructions, and how much aspect puts the machine at risk.


There is not much to say that has not been saying before. This leaf blower is a real wonder that acts efficiently in medium and small courtyards and facilitates the work of users thanks to its multiple functionalities.

However, it is impossible to continue mentioning these characteristics without facing another quality that intensifies its performance: the 12 amp motor and the impact on the speeds.

With that power, it expels an airflow of 225 miles per hour, eliminating large and small debris without too many complications. Even branches and vines of leaves or dry, pasty grass get in their way.


As far as this is concerned, the fact that the blower barely moves during handling is also advantageous. It is almost the same as with noise: being a motorized device, it is normal to feel the corresponding vibration, but nothing that intensifies or is bothersome for users.

Airspeed control

It is made of optimal equipment that includes two adjustable speeds. These, of course, regulate the air currents through their tubes.

Why are they necessary? Some people consider that a single tube is necessary to complete all the activities of the garden, but the truth is that most of the debris, however large, needs a moderate flow rate.

When it comes to removing lots of really heavy sheets or debris, the maximum speed will be appropriate. Meanwhile, people can clean their exteriors without undergoing, among other things, a too powerful nozzle.


It was mentioned before, and this is how it is maintained: it is equipped with a special 12 amp motor to run for hours without feeling too much and with enough power to clean medium and small patios.


  • Fast And Lightweight
  • Less Noise
  • Affordable


  • It’s vacuum transitions work is tough.


The Toro 51621 blower meets a series of requirements that make it a more than an optimal garden assistant, combining lightness with potential and developing two tasks in one. It is a worthwhile acquisition and money, look from where you look.

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