Husqvarna 350bt Vs Stihl Br 350 Leaf Blower Reviews

Husqvarna 350bt Vs Stihl Br 350 Leaf Blower ReviewsA leaf blower like Husqvarna 350bt Vs Stihl Br 350 Leaf Blower Reviews will always be a necessary tool in any home, in the office, or in any space where gardening has to be done constantly. Although some run on gasoline, others are more advanced and run on electric motors.

Its operation consists, first of all, of keeping the areas where there are many greenish areas clean and clear. But not only for these types of areas, but also for other places where there is a lot of dirt accumulation, and it is difficult to remove. With a blower, this type of work can be done quickly.

When using the best gas leaf blower it will be mainly responsible for moving the leaves, or any dirt. This is done using a centrifugal force system, capable of being able to group all the elements so that when collecting them, it is much easier.

Things You need to know before using these blowers:

You don’t have to be an expert to use a blower like this, but you should know at least some steps to follow. There are some essential safety tips, and some techniques to make the job safer, that you will appreciate knowing.

When deciding to use a blower, it is recommended that you use eye and hand protection, thus avoiding any inconvenience. To make a better collection of leaves or garbage, choose a sunny day, since the humidity will make these wastes adhere to the surface, and it is more difficult to collect.

A blower by the force it emits, will generate noise. This can be annoying for people around you. Therefore, the most advisable thing is that you try to use this tool at flexible times, neither too early nor too late.

To facilitate its use, new blowers appear on the market every day, some more modern than others. The important thing is that you choose one that has a good ergonomic handle that has a sturdy coating, and fits the hand so that your grip is much better.

Also, take into account that it has a suitable weight for you, and can secure it to your body, with a strap, or as a kind of backpack. Thanks to these new designs, today’s blowers bring a collection bag with plenty of space for faster work.

 These blowers are very powerful and have features and advantages, which make them, stand out among the others.

Husqvarna Vs Stihl Detail Comparison

If you have to mention some of the best blowers on the market, Husqvarna 350bt Vs. Stihl Br 350 is the first on the list. Its design has become a trend today, so it has become a very useful tool when it comes to quick cleaning.

When it comes to covering DIY jobs, these blowers are excellent machines, and they will perform their job satisfactorily. Its outside is very powerful, and at the time of gardening, no matter how leafy the grass is, the technology of these tools will allow everything to be as clean as you want.

The same manufacturer does not make Husqvarna 350bt Vs. Stihl Br 350 blowers, the reason why they are not packed in the same way. What if it resembles them, is the accelerator that each one of them has, since it is located in the blower tube, leaving the left hand free.

Other characteristics that both shares are that they are blowers to be used as backpacks, in this way, its handling and transfer will be much easier. Gas is the source of energy they use, so when they need to be filled, the process will be very fast.

The warranty period for these two blowers is for two years. Although there are many characteristics that differences, too, have in common, the ease of portability, their power supply, and their variable speed.

But like all existing tools, some will have more advantages, or more limitations, according to what you are looking for. The important thing, when choosing a blower, is that you feel comfortable, and the work you need to do is perfect.

Husqvarna 350bt Leaf Blower Review

Husqvarna 150BTThe Husqvarna 350BT from Sweden has been the creators of power tools of good performance and excellent quality. Garden tractors, snow blowers, pruners, and many tools are part of the equipment manufactured by this team, which currently begins its innovation, including in the market, this magnificent blower.

Why We Prefer to Use it:

Many prefer this blower because it is easier to use by fans or homeowners who are on the lookout for maintenance of the areas of their property.

The best thing about the Husqvarna 350bt blower review is that apart from cleaning the leaves and other dirt, you can use it for other activities, and it is a feature that you may never imagine. They are perfect for cleaning interiors, sheds, and many more places. Due to its ergonomic design, you can avoid any injury, as they help protect your arms and back at all times.

Gasoline blowers have a high impact on reducing harmful emissions that exist in the environment by up to 75%. For this reason, this tool uses a battery made with the most innovative technology to offer greater performance. Whatever the task you are going to do, with this machine, you can maintain a perfect balance.


One of the reasons why some of the blowers cause discomforts is the vibration they emit when it is on. This had its backpack blowers, minimizes these vibrations, and for a better grip, most have high-quality rubber parts for greater durability.


The load harness is made so that the weight you carry in your body is better distributed, in this way, you will not feel the weight and your body will not wake up sore. As for the noise, you don’t have to worry, since these battery blowers, thanks to their design, are quieter than the other blowers on the market.

As you can see, there are many benefits that you can get with a blower of this model, thanks to the advantages offered by its features.

Important Features

The most outstanding features of the Husqvarna 350btson blower:

  • Its size is medium (50 ccs)
  • It has a powerful X – Torq engine that reduces the emission of toxic gases
  • It has a power of 1.6 kW
  • The airspeed is 80.47 m / s
  • Its fuel pump facilitates ignition
  • To offer greater comfort, your harness is adjustable and cushioned
  • It has a high level of blowing
  • Its weight is 10.21 kg, so it is very light
  • The sound power level is only 104 dB, so it is very quiet
  • Its design provides better performance
  • More affordable price compared to the others

Stihl Br 350 Leaf Blower Review

Stihl Br 350 Leaf Blower ReviewStihl Br 350 has its origin, specifically in the year 1926. A German manufacturer, known for the manufacture of chainsaws, created this invention to innovate the tools mostly used abroad.


One of the preferred advantages and that help make Stihl Br 350 Leaf Blower Review the best, is the fact that its harness is adjustable. This allows that the moment of loading it is not so tedious, and can be used for more hours of work. For this reason, the Stihl Br 350 blower was specially created for professionals, since its prolonged use will not cause any inconvenience.


To make the tasks performed with this machine much easier, the control handles are adapted so that they can be easily used, so you don’t have to move your hand every time you have to squeeze the handle. An anti-vibration system accompanies this since the other blowers, when vibrating, cause a lot of discomfort during use.


With Stihl Br 350 Leaf Blower the performance of the work will become more comfortable, and you will not feel heaviness in your body. As the advantages do not end when talking about the blower, this machine turns out to be an ecological piece, since the design of its engine, is made to reduce emissions. This means that in addition to performing efficient work, this machine will contribute to the environment.

Important Features

Other features, which make this blower the best, are:

  • Its engine is 63.3 cc and starts with gasoline
  • It has a maximum speed of 201 miles per hour
  • It has a system, through which you can prime the fuel in the carburetor. This way, booting is much easier.
  • Cleaning on large surfaces turns out to be comfortable
  • Its price is higher

Husqvarna 350bt Vs Stihl Br 350 Leaf Blower

Depending on your needs, you must choose between a gas or gas blower. Each one has a different function, and they are destined for different spaces.

For large areas, a gasoline blower is recommended. This backpack type model proves to be effective for such large spaces, since it is not necessary to load the tool, and the harness can be adaptable to the body, although also, you could perfectly use an electric blower, connecting the wiring as an extension.

 Although it can be used in large spaces, it is ideal for small areas. If you need to clean in any building or near your home, this power tool will be very effective. The reason is very simple; it is very light equipment, so it is a great option to perform maintenance constantly.

If you are going to take power into account when choosing a blower, you should know that gas blowers have a power of 1 hp and four hp while electric blowers have a power of 2500 W and 3000 W. According to these numbers, you can measure the performance with which the blower can stand out.

The two or 4-stroke engines are only characteristic of gasoline blowers. The 2-stroke engines are usually lighter and use a combination of gasoline and oil. And instead, 4-stroke engines only need gasoline as fuel, but they turn out to be heavier.

The weight of the tool will be one of the main characteristics that you should take into account. You must calculate the time of use of the tool, since a weight greater than your body can support, can cause damage to your health. When using any of these blowers, you should feel comfortable while doing the job.


Currently, it is very difficult to decide on a blower, since many are in the market. Each one has a different design, and according to their needs, you must acquire the one that is perfect for your work. For you to buy the ideal one for you, you must take into account features, such as the weight and functionalities that each one has.

When reviewing the characteristics of these blowers, you can see that they offer great advantages, but also some limitations. For example, the Husqvarna 350bt brings handles not suitable for left-handed people and lacks the option of vacuum. While the Stihl Br-350, has a high noise level, and its support harness does not have padding.

Although both are efficient, each has different speeds and different engines. These characteristics make one stand out more than the other according to quality. The important thing is that you take the one that suits you best, and best fits your pocket.

When you go to buy your blower, remember that the Husqvarna 350bt, comes with comfortable padding on the harness, and is more affordable. Also, you do not have to be a professional to use this tool whenever you want.

But for professionals, the Stihl Br-350 blower always ends up being the preferred one, since, for them, it is easy to handle. However, everything is a matter of taste and need.

Now that you know the differences between each of these blowers, it will be easier when you go to the market in search of one of these tools, which meets your needs.

Also, you must consider the issue of noise. There are regulations for a noise limit, depending on the location. Find out about these regulations to make a clearer choice.

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