Black and Decker BV6600 Leaf Blower Review 2021

Black and Decker BV6600 has been in the appliance industry for more than a century. The American company, whose origins date back to the Baltimore of the 20th century, began work as a machine shop led by Duncan Black and Alonzo Decker. Thus, from drills to the newest, there is so much to unravel in each of its products.

Currently, the specialty of this company rebounds with power tools and household products, which include, of course, garden helpers. As for the BV6600 model, a Gas leaf blowers Reviews it reaches an audience accustomed to the excellence of this firm.

Black and Decker BV6600 Leaf Blower Review

In summary, this blower can be described as a three-function leaf blower with easy conversion and low noise. With a variety of accessories to discover and a fairly effective cable retainer, these are just some of the features that make it up.

Considered as a high-performance article, this device can blow, vacuum, and crush leaves and debris from the garden. It is highly energetic, practical, and safe. However, the icing that accompanies the brand is its responsibility to the environment. Therefore, with their reusable bags, they join the eco-friendly movement.

Features of Black and Decker Blower

Far from finishing at this point, there are such appreciable qualities in this machine that reflect its quality as a garden product. More specifically, it brings together the following.


If you had to designate a word to describe this leaf blower, it would probably be compact as Black and Decker present to their customers an ergonomically designed handle that starts with one or both hands without any difficulty.

It also adheres to the compact term because of its weight and dimensions. In total, the machine barely exceeds 3.5 kilograms 8.1 pounds placing it within the lightest class items on the market.

This condition also makes the product an easy tool to store. Also, and thanks to a strap that includes the package, people can put the device on their shoulders and walk with it throughout the day without feeling extreme exhaustion. Fortunately, its design minimizes the GYRO effect that causes stress due to exhaustion or fatigue.

Within the competent quality standards, this leaf blower rises above a few on the subject of its preparation. And just for that, it will be a satisfying experience from the first ignition.


The durability of an appliance lies, among other things, in the quality of the motor. Because of its history and experience, Black and Decker offer its customers powerful and profitable products, assembled to last for years and years.

Sticking to that business tradition, it is planted with a 12 amp motor capable of releasing an air current of up to 250 miles per hour. This, complemented by a speed control and a uniform flow, exceeds expectations among the majority of its audience.

The fact that the engine includes speeds is also reflected in the control that users have over the blower. As the space to be cleaned is required, the blower can act with absolute, moderate or slight force, opening between lots of autumnal leaves with the same fluidity that it will do in the most difficult to reach spaces.

The controllable fan speed also helps when it comes to working accuracy. According to the same company, the blower is ideal for clearing sidewalks, garages, porches, and leafy gardens. As for the vacuum cleaner, part of that “three in one” function can generate 400 cubic feet of air per minute and works equally at two speeds.


Most companies that sell leaf blowers will insist that their product is the “quietest on the market.” And it may be that, when compared to the 20 or 30-year-old hulks, noise is a significant benefit.

However, sometimes, expectations plummet dramatically when reality appears in context and shows customers that noise is still a problem.

This does not fall into the disappointment of false advertising. It is openly proven that the model in this review is fifty percent quieter than models of the same and other brands.

A clear example is the LH4500 of Black and Decker himself. According to the EN ISO 3744 measurement test, the latter has the highest decibel level within the entire range belonging to the company. Meanwhile, the Black and Decker BV6600 has a top noise of 68 decibels, consistent and more than reasonable for any type of space, open or closed.


The process of decomposing the leaves and the rest of the debris can become a pleasant task if executed manually. However, thanks to the mulcher of this model, it is possible to shred the contents of sixteen garbage bags in a single process thanks to its tool.

In the case of the mulcher, it works with an impressive metal fan, high impact, and free of obstructions, capable of reducing leaves and debris at speeds never seen before. After blowing and reuniting with the previous functions of the appliance, the cleaning will end with all the crushed debris in a reusable bag.


Is this the best blower in the market? Each client has the right to decide. However, what cannot be denied is that this machine, capable of blowing, vacuuming, and crushing, has an unspeakable value for lovers of garden maintenance. Even among the average audience.

As explained before, the power of this device is concentrated in its multifunctionality. The unit can transform itself into a leaf blower with the same ease that goes from vacuum to crusher, and thus vice versa, as a fairly modern cleaning dance.

Its transformable power is probably its strongest and most appreciable characteristic, especially if it is considered that to achieve this, you only have to activate a switch — no additional tools or accessories with extra charge.

The power of aspiration is remarkable equally. As a central function, it gathers from medium and small branches to leaves of different trees and pine needles – always slippery. The crushing process, as a conclusion of the cycle for this device, is carried out thanks to its sharp metal fan that eliminates all debris without stopping, reducing them considerably.

Once all three processes have been carried out, remove your reusable EZ bag and other disposable ones that are, after all, necessary. The bag model, however, is designed for people to invest less time and effort in emptying it.

If you want to do the job from end to end, it is convenient to use the reusable bag. In case of not having too much time, disposable spare parts are an advantage that people will appreciate equally.

Cable retainer:

This feature may not match those already reviewed, but since it is a wired model, it is important to mention it.

The manufacturing company does not stand out without reason. With this blower, it has been decided to incorporate a cable retainer that deals with the most frequent problem of these products: the detachment of the cable every two by three. In order not to interrupt days that end up exasperating people, Black and Decker prevent this from happening.


To facilitate the work, this and other models of leaf blowers include several accessories that, although not essential, can greatly enliven the cleaning days. That is why this model includes a concentrator, oscillating nozzles and another scraper that attaches to the unit.

The concentrator cancels strong air currents, allowing less light sheets, such as pine needles, to leave the narrower and more intricate surfaces.

The nozzles, meanwhile, are segmented pieces that oscillate between the places to be cleaned. Thanks to them, you don’t have to move the blower so much to reach places that are more complicated to reach. The same goes for the scraper or rake, enabled to lift muddy leaves that the vacuum cleaner won’t admit to the unit.


For some countries, in addition to North America, the company offers a warranty of up to two years. These cover from damage to the material to repairs and labor.


  • Easy of handling
  • Moderate noise
  • Multiple attachments


  • Corded variant limits the use.

Black and Decker BV6600 w/ Leaf Collection System

This is a variant of the original model that, in terms of features, pros and cons, is not drastically modified. Thus, it is a Black and Decker with 12 amp motor with the ability to collect the leaves and facilitate disposal.

High-performance, the model has a high-impact metal fan that prevents debris jams and practically grinds the waste until it is reduced to a little. No additional tools are needed to use it, but compared to the original; it only remains to say that it varies in weight.


This is a beast as far as electronics are concerned and this leaf blower is no exception. It stands out for its multifunctionality and probably becomes the favorite garden tool for a considerable number of its customers.

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